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Great Discovery Modifications

Here are some really neat ideas to improve your Discovery motorhome! If you have anything you want to contribute, please send to the Webmaster, along with a contact name and e-mail address if other than yourself.

Basement storage
Battery slide trays
Another Battery location alternative
CAT Engine Access
Flooring modifications
Galley Faucet and Corian cutting tips
Rear Radiator modifications
Satellite cabinet
Spare tire storage
VCR Door Modification
Under-bed file storage
Wine Glass Holder
Overhead Reading Lights
Entertainment Center
Water / Sewer hookup area changes
Dashboard Storage Box
Ladder storage Tube
Sewer Hose storage tube
Cockpit Storage compartment
Steering Wheel computer desk
27" TV conversion for pre-2000 D's

Member Art Boglio has done extensive modifications to his D, and has put together an excellent presentation divided up into four parts. Click on the links below to view his mods:

Art's modifications, Page 1
Art's modifications, Page 2
Art's modifications, Page 3
Art's modifications, Page 4

Member Jack Myton has also done some extensive modifications to his D, along with his excellent details on each. Click on the link below to view:

Jack's widescreen LCD TV conversion
Jack's fuel/water seperator relocation (Cat)
Jack's medallion display move.

Love Seat Storage

Undersink Storage Drawer

Vesta Dishwasher Installation


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