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More A/C Shedding Problems and Solutions

Is your air conditioner mysteriously shedding for no apparent reason???? Not caused by having too many other appliances turned on?? Then you may have a problem with electrical interference being picked up by the wires that connect the thermostat to the ECC module. This primarily became an issue on the D's that have the thermostats located at the front of the coach.

The long run of wires act as an "antenna" and may be picking up enough electrical energy to confuse the ECC unit. Most times, this is caused by either a faulty flourescent light (it may be faulty even though it still works) or by the inverter/charger. Turn off your flourescent lights, one at a time, and see if this fixes the shed problem. Also, note that some flourescent lights just emit a lot of electrical interference even if they are not faulty. Be sure to wait two minutes before turning off the next flourscent light as there is a two minute delay before the a/c will restart. If this doesn't fix the problem, then turn off the charger.

If either of these fix the problem, then the shedding was definitely caused by electrical interference. The fix is to either replace the offending flourescent light or add ferrite beads/RF chokes on the thermostat wiring. Talk to Fleetwood about this and see if they are willing to help resolve the problem.


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