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Motorhome Fires

Fortunately, the folks that owned the motorhome in the picture above escaped safely along with their pets.

Although the cause of the fire was not immediately known, one thing is obvious - it was a five year old coach and this may have contributed to the cause of the fire.

Most motorhome fires that happen enroute are caused by either a power problem or a ruptured fuel or oil line. How many traffic reports have you heard on the radio about a "Car-B-Q" (a twist on BBQ, meaning a car on fire)? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurence, but there are some actions that you can take to minimize the chances of it happening to you. Most vehicle fires in a new vehicle are caused by a manufacturer defect. Most older vehicle fires are caused by a component that fails due to age.

Obviously, you don't want to store anything in any area that can cause an electrical short - both inside and outside the coach. You also should routinely check interior and electrical connections to ensure their integrity, and also make sure that wires are not rubbing and insulation is still good. Once you have checked the electrical connections, check your engine and hoses. Crud that builds up on mechanical components can eventually combust due to the heat - keep your engine clean! Frequently, fires in the engine area are caused by failed oil or fuel hoses. When was the last time you changed your hoses? Most manufacturers recommend that hoses be replaced every 3-5 years. Also, be sure to check that oil and fuel lines are tightly connected.