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Vintage D Door Noise

I recently posted info on the plastic bar that Fleetwood provided to me several years ago to quiet wind noise from the front awning arm on my 99D. I had cut more holes in it than I remembered, so I have revised the measurements below.

Noise Bar Measurements: (All are approximate. Your awning arm might be different from mine.)

Length: 75 inches

If looking down the length of it, the first measure is 1.25 inches and sits perpendicular to the wall of the coach and aligns with the back edge of the awning arm. The next measure turns forward and parallel to the coach wall for 2 inches. The third measure again runs perpendicular to the coach wall and wraps around the front of the awning arm. It measures 1.75 inches before it begins a rounded wrap around the leading edge of the arm. Total measure is 2.375 inches to include the wrap.

I cut a number of "windows" and notches to accommodate the handle, the knob, and other protrusions.

The notch for the bottom of the awning arm starts at the bottom and runs up inches in measures 1 and 2. It cuts into measure 2 by 1.25 inches. All of the first .5 inch of measure 2 is removed.

The window for the handle is in the front (measure 3) and it starts 3.75 inches and extends to 8 inches from the bottom. It runs from 0.5 to 1.625 inches from the edge of measure 2.

The one for the knob is in the second measure (back of the arm), beginning 5 inches and extending to 7.5 inches from the bottom.

The window for the handle latch is also in the front (measure 3). It extends from 23.75 to 26.5 inches above the bottom. It also required a notch in measure 2 that extends from 23.75 to 25.75 inches above the bottom.

Finally, the top of the awning arm is accommodated by a notch 1.25 inches into measure 2 and running from .75 inch to 2.25 inches from the top. It also eliminated the top 2.25 inches of measure 1.

Theoretically, it attaches with Velcro strips along the front of the arm. More practically, I added 2 bungie cords (the looped type with balls on them.)


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