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Inoperative Oil Pressure Gauge

Has your oil pressure gauge suddenly started to peg to the right, but the engine continues to run with no warning lights? Gene Hammelman contributed the following info:
The problem is with the Oil pressure gauge sending unit on top of the oil filter. You will see a device with two terminals. One terminal has a wire on it. This wire goes to the dash board gauge. You will need to go to Freightliner to get the replacement part. Before I go to much deeper into this problem I assume that you have the square instrument panel and not the one with the round gauges faces. If you have the older square instrument panel then here is the part number and info related to the oil pressure sending unit.

Freightliner Oil Pressure Sensor Info:
This sensor control dash gauge (G terminal). It reads too high. Normal 0 psi reading should be 6-12 ohms but reads about 25-30 ohms.

Oil pressure sensor PN GAF P116412 superceded by VDO 1 521 002 010B

The parts were not very expensive and you can change it out yourself.


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