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Overhead Reading Lights

On my '99 37V the primary source of light for reading (when sitting in the easy chair) is a 2 bulb automotive type light on the ceiling. Using this lights up the whole front area of the coach, is perhaps distracting to someone else watching TV, an doesn't provide much light right on whatever you're trying to read.

I made a trim valence from aspen wood stained with Minwax Cherry stain No 235. The valence spans between the small cabinet behind the passenger seat to the galley cabinets. Installed 2 halogen flush lamp assemblies in the valence. Got the lamps (I believe they are 10 watt) at Lazydays parts room, but most larger RV dealers should have them. The halogen lamps provide a brilliant white light in a relatively narrow beam. Angled the forward lamp so it directly illuminated reading material.

In a previous project I put another small brass "computer table" lamp on the aft side of the cabinet behind the passenger seat. I found nice small 12V rocker switches at Radio Shack and put two on the lower sidewall of the cabinet - one to control ) the new overhead halogen lamps and one for the small brass lamp.

Only change I'd make if doing again is I will probably add one or two more halogen lamps to the valence for even more lighting.

Submitted by F White 99 37V ISB


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