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Power Steering Hose Recall

We have been successful in the power steering hose issue! The NHTSA has issued a recall to fix the power steering hose on all Discovery (and Bounder) diesel motorhomes built between June 1996 and August 1999. To view the recall, it is listed at as NHTSA Campaign ID # 00V204000. Owners of affected coaches are expected to be contacted during August.

Here is the actual wording from the NHTSA website:
Vehicle Description: Motor homes. The power steering gear box hydraulic lines are routed too close to a sharp edge. This can cause the lines to rupture and result in a hydraulic fluid leak.

This fluid leakage can cause loss of the power steering assist feature.

Dealers will inspect, replace or repair damaged hoses as necessary, and relocate the affected hydraulic lines. Owner notification is expected to begin during August 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Fleetwood at 1-800-322-8216. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).

If you do not receive your recall letter, or want your coach fixed before the letter arrives, call Fleetwood at 800-322-8216.

Here is a picture of the repair completed by my Freightliner dealer. The high pressure hose had the leak and has been relocated. Pictured here is the low pressure (return( hose that was also wearing thin. The Freightliner dealer cut out the portion of the hose that was rubbing and spliced in a metal connector. From this picture, you can see that the hoses were actually rubbing in two places - on the fender support bracket and on the bottom member of the generator.


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