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Quick Tips from the Richmond Rally

The following tips are from various members at our Fall Rally in Richmond, IN....

Be ready for emergencies by storing a pair of disposable vinyl gloves in film canisters and keeping them handy in the glove compartment, purse, etc.

Increase view in side mirrors by attaching a round convex on the lower portion.

Prevent diesel fuel from gelling in cold weather by adding STABIL.

Protect windshield wipers from sun damage while parked by covering with foam pipe insulation. Slice open and slide over wipers.

A pull-out basket can be installed under the sink by moving the pipes to one side.

A box to hold a laptop computer can be fitted under the passenger chair.

Add spice shelves behind the stove, which will be hidden behind the stove cover when raised.

Move the electrical outlet from the front of the kitchen counter to the side, by the window, for easier access.

Patches of door insulation, mounted with sticky tape behind the blinds, will mute rattles.

A spare tire can be carried either under the center of the coach in front of the duals, or in a fabricated metal "well" installed under the right rear propane tank.

Fender vibration can be dampened by adhering aluminum-backed foam with a heavy floor contact cement to the inside of the fender.

Deflect cold air from the air conditioners by attaching diffusers made with metal or plexiglass. Use a 2" long tubing to space the diffusers from the ceiling, using long screws in the existing holes.

Add a purchased handle to the outside of the screen door. Or add a cross bar at chest height to pull or push the screen door.

Keep items from tipping in the medicine cabinet with plexiglass or doll house "fences", or with a narow bungee cord or with plastic wedges cut from a trash can. Narrow baskets sold at WalMart fit as well. Add sheet metal shelves between the existing ones to increase storage space.

Gray water odor while traveling may indicate that the trap for the washer/dryer has dried out. Add water, accessing through the closet (or just manually run some through the spin cycle).

A shelf can be added under the dash for a tool box, and manila folders, for storing maps, etc, below the instrument panel on the outside wall beside the driver.

Move the Jake Brake switch to the side panel for easier access.

Clean gray water probes by adding baking soda to the gray tank and take a drive to slosh it around.

If contents are pushing against the kitchen cabinet doors while traveling, put 1" pieces of wood along the front, between the door and the dishes.

The commode on the 34' Discovery can be turned 90 degrees for easier access.

Chassis batteries can be mounted on slide-out brackets for easier access.

Prevent wires exposed to moisture from damage by spraying with clear lacquer.

To accomodate shorter people, lower the passenger side chair by installing a pedastal like is on the drivers side, purchased from Fleetwood.

One member replaced the sofa in his 99 model 36A with a U-Line (brand) icemaker, a swivel rocker and a two drawer file cabinet. He also protected the areas beneath the monitor panel and the wall next to the stove with Plexiglass panels, attached with 1/2" screws.

A member put piano hinges on the outer top portions of the surface behind the sofa, for easier access to the storage area below. (Watch out for the long nail from the outside in the corner.)

If caught in very cold weather, add a gallon of cheap vodka to 1/4 tank of fresh water and run through all lines. Keep the front thermostat at 70 degrees and all bins tightly closed.

An air scoop on the engine air intake is said to increase mileage by 1 mpg or more. (Note - be sure to see the Warning in the tips section before making this modification.)

Install a vent in the lower portion of the bathroom door to facilitate air circulation.

Line cabinets with pieces of indoor/outdoor carpeting - it's quieting, keeps items from moving, and stays in place.

Warm your commode area by rerouting one heat duct from the bedroom by going under the washer/dryer.

If stove flames are showing yellow, clean burner orfices with a toothpick or a paper clip.


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