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Radio Upgrade Tips

If you are considering replacing the AM/FM radio in your D, you may want to read this before first!

I changed the radio in my 98R. In addition to the clips on either side of the radio, it was also held in place with a clamp and nut on the rear. I had to remove the dash cowl to get to it. Really wasn't too much of a job. However, that didn't turn out to be the main problem!

On some D models (possibly through the 1999 model year), the speakers are wired with a common ground to the front/rear speakers on each side. The new Pioneer with CD that I installed would not work on that system. Each speaker must have its own separate ground back to the radio (two separate wires for each speaker).

I was able to snake a new wire from each of the front speakers using a long stiff wire inside each of the overheads above the driver and door. The harder of the two was the one on the drivers side because it has to be worked through a longer distance. There were spaces up inside that I couldn't see but with a little patience, I did get the stiff wire through from back towards the front, and then pull the new speaker wire through. I did also have to remove the inside windshield molding on each side to see where the wire came out and provide an access down to the dash. I also removed the lower molding and ran the wire from the passenger side under that molding to the drivers side for easier access under the dash.

I also replaced the front speakers. I got the same diameter speakers, I think six inch, and took the old speaker out of the existing covers. The new ones fit in the cover in place of the old ones just great. I didn't replace the rear speakers. It sounds like a lot of effort but it really wasn't that bad. The most frustrating part was fishing the new wire through. I understand FW has modified wiring to accommodate the individual speaker wiring. You will probably only know when you look at the rear of the radio. You might be able to tell by checking the colors of the wires on the back of the original speakers on one side. Just be sure you check this first as you will either have to buy a new compatible radio or add the new wires.

Submitted by Robert Moose


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