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Save Your Refrigerator Door

Here is a tip that can save you at least $300 - $400 (of more) if you have a Dometic Elite refrigerator. Note that the D (prior to 2002 models) has a Dometic side-by-side refrigerator as standard, but this problem appears to be germane to most Dometic refrigerators.

Recently, my wife got the scare of her life when she opened the refrigerator door one Saturday morning - the door literally fell off the hinges onto the floor! If you look at a Dometic refrigerator closely, you will see that it is held in place by two pins that go through a plastic "hinge" at the top and bottom of the door. After several years of full-timing use, the hinge failed at the door joint (not where it connects with the pin). As the hinge is molded into the door, if this happens your only option is to purchase a new door. (Camping World quoted $406 and LazyDays in Seffner, FL, quoted $299, both prices are for the door only). BTW, my old door was approx 3 years old.

A quick call to Dometic revealed that there are no silent recalls on my model (RM7732), even though I am aware of several owners of Dometic refrigerators that had this same failure.

However, the person I spoke with at Dometic gave me a big tip. He suggested that I stand the new door upright and trace the outline on a piece of paper, including the plastic hinge that broke on my old door. Then, cut a piece of aluminum from the outline and glue and rivet it to the bottom of the door. The aluminum will act as a reinforcement and should prevent a reoccurence of this problem.

I probably could have used this same method to repair my old door and avoid purchasing a new one.


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