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Remco Lube Pump Tips

We have used a Remco Lube Pump to flat tow our Dodge Grand Caravan for over three years and over 40,000 miles of towing. We have found the Remco Lube pump to be reliable, but have had a few problems which are detailed below.

  1. Make sure that the main power for the unit is connected to one of the main 12vdc power terminals on the firewall of the D. I had Camping install my lube pump. Although I did not notice it, they had tapped into the fuse block terminal to obtain power. Eventually, due to the large current draw, this disintegrated one morning. Fortunately, it happened when we initially hooked up the van. Had it happened while on the road, it would have ruined our transmission. So, first check and see that your wiring is hooked up properly.
  2. I always believe in changing filters regularly. After the first year, I changed the metal in-line filter that came with the Remco. However, I was only able to locate a plastic Fram filter for a replacement. After a few months, the seam on the plastic filter sprung a major leak. Fortunately, we noticed this while driving the van before any damage was done.
  3. A major failsafe feature is the audible alarm that comes on if there is any failure with the pump or if you forget to turn on the pump while your toad is connected. The red light on the Remco will also come on if there is a problem, but the control unit is usually mounted such that it is not in your normal line of sight. Prior to leaving each morning, we test the audible alarm to make sure it is working - and one morning the audible alarm failed. It is not difficult to wire another LED in parallel with the red warning light on the unit, and then mount the LED in a location where you can easily see it while driving. At least, test your buzzer each day.

- Submitted by Bob Cook


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