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Ride Height

Ride height is critical to the proper handling of your Discovery. Fleetwood is responsible for setting the proper ride height at the factory, and any problems about ride height should be referred to Fleetwood, not Freightliner. You may want to have Freightliner make the adjustment, but contact Fleetwood first as they may authorize Freightliner to have this done.NOTE: Do not tighten the bolt too much as this may cause some damage. Tighten only as much as you loosened the bolt.Be sure to re-check ride height. There are two ride height control valves in front, but only one at the rear.

The correct measurements for ride height, per Freightliner, are as follows:

  • Front: 10.125" plus or minus 0.25"
  • Rear:

    For XC chassis built prior to Model Year 2003:
    RS-15 rear axle (15,000 lb) - 9.375" plus or minus 0.25"
    RS-17 rear axle (17,000 lb) or RS-19 rear axle (19,000 lb) - 9.75" plus or minus 0.25"

    For the 2003 model year XC chassis and later:
    10.25" plus or minus 0.25"

NOTE: These measurements are made with the air bags inflated and on level ground.

The distances above are measured from the bottom of the frame rail to the middle of the bottom shock bolt.

Here are some pictures I took at the 2000 Richmond Rally, using the bare chassis that was provided by Freightliner.

Check the ride height from the top of the frame rail to the middle of the bottom shock bolt (red arrow).

Ride height adjusting bolt (red) and turnbuckle yellow), one behind each wheel in front.

Rear ride height valve ( only one valve on passenger side of coach only).

Here is Dick and Brenda Snyder's experience.They also explain how you can check and adjust the ride height yourself:
At the Discovery rally at Richmond I learned why my coach handled so badly. The Freightliner Rep stated on the front of the coach, the distance from the bottom of the frame to the center of the shock bolt should be 10.5 in. I went back to our site and aired up the bags a measured 9 3/8". Went back and told the rep and he said thats your trouble.(Editor note - Fleetwood is responsible for this).

Before we left on Sunday. I adjusted it as far as I could get it and ended up with 10 in. I coudn't believe the difference, but thought I wanted the whole 10 1/2" After ariving home I measured again and still had 10" with no more adjustment. I made a bracket to extend the linkage and now have the 10 1/2 in. It is handling better than ever, even better than with the 10" setting.

If you have this problem with handling it is not hard to change. The older coaches [up to mid 98s] have an arm with a slot and a 7/16 in nut at the center of it. As you change the adjustment you are either adding or releasing air in the air bag behind the front wheels.There is an adjustment for each wheel. The newer coaches have two 7/16 in bolts in the frame. What this actualy does is changes the caster and gives it more lead.


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