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Rope Lights in the Main Cabin

We have seen several coahces where the owner has installed rope lights to act subtle lighting. We decided to do this also. We purchased our lights from Home Depot. In our case we needed 38 feet to go completely around the front cabin. We also found that the 3/8 inch lights have an installation rail that can be attached to the coach, then the lights can be installed into that rail. Total purchase price was less than $50.00 for our coach. Installation is relatively easy except for the wiring. NOTE: Turn off and discinnect all 120V power before starting.

On our coach there is a 120V AC receptacle located on a panel above and behind the curb side seat behind the speaker. If yours is the same remove the receptacle. If you don't have this receptacle determine where you will get your AC power first. This will determine where to start your lights.

Above the receptacle and ~2 inches below the crown molding drill a 3/8 inch hole to accommodate the rope . the rope light feed wire.

Thoroughly clean and dry the upper edge of the crown molding.

Since the installation rail comes with double sticky tape, stick the rail to the upper edge of the crown molding.

Continue to add rails until the entire area has an installation rail conneted to the ceiling and crown molding.

Cut off the 120V plug from the feed wire and insert the cut end into the 3/8 hole.

Connect the feed wire and original 120v coach wire to a new switch and receptacle. You can purchase this at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. for about $2.00.

Install the receptacle into the outlet hole, and attache the cover plate.

Starting with the first set of rope lights, push then into the installation rail after connecting the to the feed wire. We found that using a blunt piece of wood helped force the rope lights into the rail.

Continue to install the ligths and connect them together as required until the entire set is installed.

Submitted by Jim Fox


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