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Electronic Engine and Transmission Monitoring Solution

One of the neatest accessories on the market for the Cummins ISB engine is an engine and transmission performance and diagnostic package that is manufacutred by Silverleaf Electronics. If you ever wondered how your engine was performing, this gadget provides lots of information.

In addition to providing information on vital engnine and transmission statistics, you also get "Plain English" explanations of any fault codes in your engine or transmission. This is very helpful if you have a problem on the road. You can instantly view what gear your transmission is in, and also get instantaneous and overall fuel economy.

The real-time information on oil temperature, coolant temperature, engine load, fuel pressure, injection pressure and battery voltage lets you spot potential problems before you they become critical. In additon, you can set alarm points to alert you when a monitored value is below or above a level that you set. This is especially valuable for coolant temperature, so that you can take preventative action and downshift before the coolant reaches 210 degrees which triggers the "Check Engine / Stop Engine" alarm.

You can also input maintenance items that are time and/or mileage depedent, and it will also maintain a log of maintenance items that were performed.

Best of all, for those of you with computers, Silverleaf makes a version that runs on your windows computer, which greatly reduces the cost and makes this an affordable necessity. For $395, you get the software and hardware that allows you to connect the serial port of your computer to the vehicle data port under your dash.

For more information, go to Silverleaf Electronic's website

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Silverleaf products, Herb Petersen, one of our members, is a represetative of Silverleaf and sells to Association members at a substantial discount. Herb's e-mail address is


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