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Galley Slide Sink Leak Repair

This webpage details how a leak was fixed in the 34Q with the galley slide, but may also apply to other D models (such as the 37G) with the galley sldie.

First, remove the stove/oven by 4 screws just under the top cover which lifts up. I had to disconnect the gas line from the stove so that I could then see that the connection between the flex hose and the rigid drain pipe was broken/cracked. The clamp on the rigid part of the pipe caused added strain on the connector/adapter each time the slide was extended and finally it failed.

To gain access to fix it, I removed three wood panels beneath the sink in the bathroom. I had to use a hack saw blade by itself to painstakingly saw off the old connection in a straight section where I could cement in the new parts. We are back in business and saved a 3 1/2 hour job at $80 per hour.

Ken Jardine

Here is another repair on a 2000 38G:
Just repaired my fixable sewer hose from the kitchen sink on my 2000 38 G. Was able to do it with out cutting any walls. I opened the panel in front of the sink found where it was kinked and leaking. Went to Ace Hardware and got some 1 1/2 inch rubber & vinyl hose , two plastic nipples and four hose clamps at the auto part store. Cut out the bad part , cut off enough to make a curve. Heated the hose with my wife's hair dryer and pushed the nipples in to the old and new hose. Not a easy job but one you can do with out cutting any walls.

I believe that this kink could be prevented if Fleetwood has used an other foot of hose.

Submitted by - Ralph Bailey


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