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Slideout Problems

Compared to some manufacturers, Fleetwood's slideouts are pretty trouble-free - particularly since they converted to the Power Gear rack and pinion design around April, 1998. However, if you are having problems, here are some tips.

If you slide is operating slowly, make sure that your coach batteries are fully charged or that you are connected to shore power. The slide-out mechanism takes a lot of juice, and even a moderately discharged battery will result in slow slideout operation.

Some folks report having a problem with one end of the slide-out marring the tile floor or carpet. This may be caused by sagging at the top of the aluminum frame. If this is the case, it is best to have Fleetwood check it out as it may need to be replaced. However, some folks have resolved this problem by simply extending the slide out about a foot, then reach under the edge of the slideout inside the coach at either end (use caution as there is a very sharp edge under here) and placing a piece of felt straddling this sharp edge.

Here are some other tips that apply to D's manufactured with the Power Gear mechanism:
No Electricity or Motor burned out.

Open the driver's side front compartment door and at the back of the drive motor is a electro-magnetic brake release lever. Take the lever and move towards the outside of the coach. Go to the next compartment and get a ratchet drive and 3/4" socket (?) and start cranking away. No one has to push or shove on the slide to help, you just have to crank for awhile and the slide can be cranked in or out as needed. When finished , be sure to move the brake lever back to the locked positon. The brake will only release with electricity.

Blown Fuse / Shorting wires

If the +12V and ground short, on 1999 and later models there is a 20 or 25 amp circuit breaker under the refrigerator in the access panel. It is silver box, approx 1" x 2". This is an automotive-type, self-resetting circuit breaker, so if this goes bad you can easily get a replacement at an auto parts store. For 1998 and later model year D's, there is a MANUAL circuit breaker that is either on the back wall behind the batteries or on the left wall as you are facing the batteries. This does not look like a typical circuit breaker. On the side or possibly under the circuit breaker is a very small button that must be pushed to reset the circuit breaker. It is hooked directly to the positive side of the house batteries and should be the smallest wire on the positive battery post. Just follow it if you don't see the circuit breaker.

If resetting the circuit breaker does not solve the problem, then you either have a short or a problem with the motor or the electromagnetic brake is not releasing.

Electro-Magnetic Brake

Crawl in the first compartment on the driver's side and release the lever, move the slide in with the electric motor and when the slide is in then go back out and reapply the brake lever.


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