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Windshield Solar Cover

Here is an idea to make your own solar windshield cover and also covers for your other windows.

First, go to Home Depot and get the solar material. Part number 280-394 is the tan material and 280-938 is the Jade is material.

If you are attaching your solar cover to the inside of your D, hem the material to the proper size and sew velcro along the edges and glue (or use the self-stick variety) the other half of the velcro to the window/windshield frame.

If you would like the windshield cover to be on the outside of the windshield, here is an easy method to attach to your coach without any climbing or attaching fasteners to the body of your D. Simply make a hem on the vertical ends of the cover so that a wood dowel can be sewn in on each of end of the cover. Then, using an elastic material or even a bungee cord, attach one end to each wood dowel. The other end of the bungee cord or elastic will then attach to your mirrors to hold the cover in place. If you have the bus style mirrors, you can fashion a clip to grab the driver's window or the awning or forward edge of the entry door. The alternative is to just mount it on the inside using velcro.


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