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Spare Tire Carrier Upgrade

Pictured above is a spare tire carrier that member Herb Petersen installed and built himself (one of his many professional modifications). You can contact Herb at

Pictured above is a spare tire carrier that member Don Whalen has installed in his 1999 36T. The spare tire carrier sits below the LP tank. This was fabricated for Don by Fannin Fabrication in Topeka, KS. The telephone number for Fannin Fabrication is (785) 862-5329 (per DeLorme PhoneSearch 5.0). Cost was $271, including tax. Note that this includes all materials and installatiion. They did an excellent job of engineering this installation. Don added a plastic cover to keep dust out of the tire carrier compartment. If you need a really slick way to carry a spare, you should check this out.
- Thanks to Don Whalen for this great info.

Although I don't have a picture of it, one member took some spare metal bars and welded together a carrier that he mounted under the LP tank. It connected to the chassis at the back and to the storage door frame on the front. NOTE: Be sure you take the proper precautions before you do any welding on your D. Consult the FL manual.

Several members, including John and Betty Childs, report that they carry an unmounted spare in the center basement cross-over section. Some folks have added a short piece of PVC pipe to support the side hanging over the cross-over.


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