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Increase Storage Door Opening Angle

Many folks with the 2000 model year D complain about the water/sewer/electrical door only opening 90 degrees... along with those of us that have the fixed storage compartments under the slide.

Member Fred White notes that NAPA gas strut Part No 4464 is a direct change-out that will allow you to open the door much wider. No holes to drill or brackets to relocate - my kind of fix! Just remove the 12" OEM strut and replace it with the 15.4" NAPA strut.

Another alternative is to just relocate the bottom bracket of the strut up higher on the frame.

Whichever option you choose, take care because now the door will open higher and will interfere with the slide room opening. Actually, it will mess up the door quite easily if you open the slide with the door up! It would be easy to rig up a lanyard to limit the amount the door is open when the slide room is out.


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