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Swaybar Addition???

Most XC chassis owners complain about the amount of side-to-side rocking when entering a driveway at an angle or when one of the rear wheels drops into a pothole at slow speed.

Some D owners report that this was caused to a large extent by broken or lack of proper welds on the rear of the coach locating the coach to the chassis.

Other D owners have invested in an aftermarket rear sway bar, such as IPD. One owner reported that he had major problems with the installation, as his shop advised that the bar would not fit and would require some suspension modifications.

In a recent issue of The Freightliner Flyer, Ron Anders (of Freightliner) advises that Neway highly recommended against the addition of the sway bar, as the AD200 rear suspension system has a very high roll rate (resistance to roll). A suspension must have a certain amount of "give" in corners to literally make you slow down. If the suspension is too stiff, then you can go too fast and suddenly break over the roll point of the coach causing the coach to roll over.


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