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Tire Service Tips

Having recently had a bad experience in having my tires serviced, here are some important tips for you to check out BEFORE you take your coach in for service:

  1. Is the workspace clean? You certainly do not want to pull into a spot that is so filthy with dirt and discarded bolts / screws / misc tire parts that you will get a flat! If they can't keep their service areas clean, they most probably don't offer quality service either.
  2. Do they have the capability to PROPERLY torque your wheels? Check this page for proper wheel lugnut torque. Using a torque wrench to loosely attach the lugnuts is OK, but final tightening must be done with a torque wrench!
  3. If you are having your wheels balanced, MAKE SURE that they do a proper spin balance and DO NOT allow them to use the "balancing powder". After a short period of time, this "balancing powder" may ball up from moisture and cause balancing problems and possibly other problems.
  4. NEVER use any type of "puncture sealant" in your tires. This will usually result in your tire warranty's being voided. Also, it may be impossible to repair your tire after a puncture if you have a sealant in it.

Now, you will probably find tire stores that will tell you things such as "this is the way we always do it" or "we do big truck tires this way all the time". Not on my toad or coach!

-Submitted by Bob Cook


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