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50 Amp Conversion

I recently set up our 98 36T to be able to operate on either 30 Amp or 50 Amp service to obtain more cooling capability when in hot humid conditions. I purchased a brand new 36' 50 Amp RV power cord on e-Bay ($80.00). From Home Depot I purchased a 2 breaker electric box, two 30 Amp circuit breakers, and a 250V 30A single pole/double throw switch (~$25.00). In the inverter compartment, remove the 30 Amp power cord from the junction box, and mount the new 2 breaker box below it. Using about 8 inches of the original 30 Amp power cord, connect the junction box wiring to one of the 30 Amp breakers, common, and ground as shown. Using the rest of the 30 Amp power cord, connect it to the other breaker, common, and ground as shown, then route the cord up to the area under the refrigerator. I chose to route it outside using the rear cross member and inside of the curbside frame rail. Drill a hole through the floor under the refrigerator (Careful of the wiring behind the power distribution panel), then run the cord up through the hole. This is fairly easy to do by removing the four screws that hold the power distribution panel, and pulling it forward a bit. Remove the front cover from the panel (CAUTION: Be sure the power is disconnected and the generator is off when working in this area). On the 125V side you will see 2 sets of 4 breakers. These breakers are connected at the top with a jumper wire that supplies power to the 2 breaker sets. Remove the jumper from the right hand connector, and route it through the box. Cut off a 12 inch piece of black wire from the #30 Amp power cord, and connect it to the right side breaker connector. Route this wire out of the left side of the box . Cut the remaining 30 Amp power cord back leaving about 1 foot excess , skin back about 1 foot, and run the white and green wires into the power distribution box. Connect the green wire one of the ground lugs (the copper wires), and connect the white wire to the Shore common wire (white). Connect the black wire from the right hand connector to the center of the single pole switch, the 30 Amp power cord black wire to the top of the switch and the jumper wire from the left hand connector to the bottom of the switch, Wire the 50 Amp power cord into the breaker box. When plugged into 50 Amp power, place the switch in the DOWN position. When using the generator or when plugged into 30 Amp power, place the switch in the UP position. As a safety precaution, when not using 50 Amp power, you can turn off the breaker that goes to the 30 Amp power cord.


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