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2000 D Truss Slideout

Several folks have reported problems with their slideout operation due to suspected problems with the Power Platform design on the 2000 and possibly early 2001 coaches (usually identified with the furnaces and hot water heater located below the floor).

If you have any additional information and/or pictures, please send to the webmaster.

The bracketing system appears to be a 4 inch by 2 inch angle with gussets welded at each end. The brackets are about 8 inchs long. The 2 inch part supports the top rail, and the 4 inch is welded to the freightliner rails. There are several of these brackets along the part of the chassis that supports the top bridged frame that holds the body to the frame system provided by Freightliner. You can see two of these brackets by observing through the wheel well. The forward one is directly above the large assembly that holds the rear axle from moving in a rear or forward direction. The back one is next to the assembly that supports the rear hydraulic jack for the leveling system.

The problem appears that the brackets would bend from the weight of the coach body, or the bolts were not installed to secure the brackets to the chassis frame. The result is problems when extending or retracting the slide.

Note that the above problem was reported on only one coach.


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