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37" TV and Credenza

To improve TV viewing and, in our opinion, improve utilization of the coach space, we removed the love seat on the curb side of the coach. This is an easy procedure, remove four bolts from the frame and lift the seat out. We measured the distance between the slide wall and the galley and settled on a 37 inch LCD TV to fit the area. The next step was to find a credenza that would fit in the opening. We settled on a 48 inch wide credenza. We had to consider how to handle the heat ducts that were attached to the love seat when we purchased the credenza. The credenza we purchased had legs that allowed the heat ducts to come underneath the base. We centered the credenza in the opening then added angle brackets to the back legs and screwed them to the floor. We then screwed the heat duct outlets to the floor then to the front legs of the credenza. This tied everything down. To provide a signal to the LCD TV, we ran a coax cable through the over the door compartment, then behind the front curb side compartment. An interesting problem, we had to solve was how to get the coax from the over the door compartment into the front curb side compartment. We had to carefully drill a 5/8 inch hole into the outside of the front compartment without going through to the fiberglass cap. Once the hole was made, we sneaked the coax through the hole and ran it into the front TV compartment.

Installation of the LCD was interesting in that we needed to be able to attach the upper portion of the TV. To solve this problem, we made a sort of U shaped bracket that could be attached to the back of the TV , then to the window valance, and still not show from the front. We then screwed the TV base to the credenza. This tied everything together and stabilized the whole package.

Submitted by Jim Fox


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