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Playing TV Sound Through Your Stereo Speakers

I have finally accomplished my dream of a better sound system in my Discovery.

I started off with a new Panasonic TV model #CT20G24 for $260 from Circuit City. This TV is exactly the same TV as is standard in the Discovery except it has RCA sound outputs on the back. It also has Video and sound inputs on the front for a video camera and games.

The next component I purchased was an FM modulator from a local stereo store at a cost of $60.00. The one I purchased is made by Audiovox Specialized Applications, L.L.C. (219)264-3135. The last two items were a ground loop isolator for $15.00 and a pair of RCA phono cables, 20 feet long, both from Radio Shack.

The installation wasn't too difficult. The hardest part was getting the RCA cables down from the TV to the D's stereo. I ran the RCA cables over to the driver side window. By removing the bezel along the left side of the window you are able to get the cables down to the dash. You then must drill through the dash behind the bezel, which brings the cable out in front of the fire wall. You then drill a hole through the fire wall which now allows you to reach the stereo. Be sure to caulk both of these holes.

For access to the rear of the radio, remove the back dash cover. The back cover of the dash is held on with one screw on the lower left hand side as you look at the dash. Once that screw is removed, the cover can be lifted off towards the windshield; it is held in place by Velcro. Once this cover is off you can remove the four knobs that hold rear view monitor in place. By doing this it gives you full view of the stereo.

This installation of the FM modulator is simple. Unplug the antenna from the back of the stereo and plug it into "vehicle out" on the modulator. Then, plug the modulator antenna into the stereo. Next, plug the RCA cables coming from the TV into the ground loop isolator (which will remove any hum from the system). Plug the ground loop isolator into the modulator. The last step is to run 12 volt power and ground to the modulator switch and mount the modulator off/on switch on the dash.

To use the system, turn on the TV and the car stereo. Tune the stereo to either 89.1 or 88.7 and the sound is now coming out of your four stereo speakers and your two TV speakers. The real beauty is that as you control the sound level with your TV remote it bring all six speakers up and down together. The satellite music has never sounded better.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at P7PLUNKETT@AOL.COM or at (520)299-0803.

-Submitted by Paul Plunkett


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