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Underbed File Storage Drawers

After a year and a half of trying different storage options, I decided I wanted file drawer storage inside the coach. After looking at all possibilities, I decided to use some of the space under the bed.

Bought an "assemble it yourself" two drawer file cabinet from Wal-Mart for $39 to get the drawers, drawer fronts and drawer slide hardware. You could make this yourself, but I didn't want the to take the time to fiddle with making drawers.

Made a horizontal box for the drawers to fit into. Cut an opening in the bed support big enough for the box to slide into. Before installing the box, I framed around the opening with oak so the bed support would still provide support for the mattress. The box won't slip all the way into the under bed support - about 3 inches remains. I put laminate on this that matches the paneling I removed. Wilsonart No. 7921-38 Tuscan Walnut was the best match I found.

Those with "eagle eyes" will note the "high tech" outhouse door style toggles I used to keep the drawers shut while underway!

Submitted by F White 99 37V ISB


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