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Sliding Drawer Under Sink

After Installing the Vesta Dishwasher, we decided to use one of the drawers under the galley sink to make it easier to get to items stored there.

The first step was measure the height required to allow the drawer to slide 1 5/8 inch in our case.

The second step was to cut off a small 2 inch corner of the left side of the existing drawer. This was done to allow the drawer to slide on an angle consistent with the front of the cabinet.

I glued the cut off piece to the drawer which gave the corner a finished look.

I installed a wooden block on the right side of the storage space in the front corner and a similar block in the back being careful to get the proper angle to be perpendicular to the front of the cabinet.

I then attached the right side roller slide.

On the left side I attached another wooden block to hold the front of the left roller slide. To get the left roller slide in place, I had to drill a 1.5 inch hole in the side wall of the cabinet drawers which allowed the installation of the left slide. This hole is inside the cabinet and not noticeable from the outside.

We slid the drawer into the roller slides. The below picture shows the drawer in place. Note - the drawer handle is inside the drawer so the wife can lift the drawer out of the stops as she pulls it out.


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