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Kitchen Under Sink Storage Solution

This was performed on a 2011 Fleetwood Discovery 40X, but could work in just about any RV

It had always been difficult to see or reach anything in the back of the kitchen sink cabinet “cave” and there was a lot of wasted space.

It was difficult to keep tall objects from falling over (and sometimes leaking) as we traveled.

Part of the reason for the wasted space was a built-in shelf assembly that had an almost useless wire rack and a top shelf that stuff would slide off of anytime we moved the coach.

We wanted a place to store the sink covers, microwave shelves, plates for the electric griddle, sink drain pad and other flat objects that don’t stack well.

We decided to dismantle the built-in shelf assembly and use the parts to hold flat objects vertical and provide a way to support a sliding drawer.

For now we are using the wire basket from the built-in to help organize the drawer space. It is now much easier to reach the back of the storage area without having to get down on our hands and knees and move a bunch of stuff! This is a BIG improvement over what we had been dealing with.

We then decided to add a drawer front with handle and put a white plastic liner in the drawer to make cleaning up any spills easier.

Submitted by: Frank and Corrine Miller


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