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VCR Door Modifications

Here are two great modification that submitted by Ed Kennedy and Jack Mozley. Ed's modification allows you to keep the door closed and still use the remote control while Jack;s modification allows for extra cooling while keeping the door close and also operate the remote. Here is what the finished products look like:

Here is Ed's explanation on how to do it:

This photo shows the inner (thin) and outer (thick) halves of the VCR door. The halves are screwed together. Take them apart, and mark the size hole you want to cut - big enough that the remotes can see the window on your VCR at Sat receiver. Then using an X-Acto saw , cut the boards from the inner sides, without cutting the vinyl. Then cut 45 degree slits in the vinyl to the centerline of the door from the four corners, and down the centerline of the vinyl to get four flaps. Fold the flaps back through the hole, trim to fit, pull them tight and staple in place. Screw the door back together - after putting whatever you want in the hole. Some have used metal grills from Home Depot.

-Submitted by Ed Kennedy

Here are pictures of Jack's modification:

Submitted by Jack Mozley


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