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Vesta Dishwasher Install

We recently installed a Vesta RV Dishwasher in place of the 2 drawers below the cook top in our coach.

The first step was to remove the 2 drawers, roller slides, the wooden strip between the drawers and the roller supports. On our coach the strip was screwed into the drawer frame from behind.

Next, we removed the back panel behind the drawer frame. The height of the dishwasher fit perfectly into the opening, but the width of the dishwasher is about 1.5 inches wider than the opening. Taking a reciprocating saw, I cut out 1.5 inches from the right side drawer frame to get enough room for the unit.

I installed a back blocking board so the dishwasher could not move back after installation.

The dishwasher requires 120V power which I got from attaching the power cord to the back of a close receptacle. I attached the drain hose to the vent sewer pipe by cutting the vent pipe, installing a "T", reconnecting the vent pipe and the dishwasher drain hose. This provided a good fall to the dishwasher drain and kept any fumes in the existing drain system.

I cut the Hot water inlet pipe to the sink and installed a "T" , then reconnected the hot water line and the dishwasher inlet hose.

To finish the project 3/4 quarter round was added as molding and to secure the dishwasher from coming out.

Kitchen Sink & Stove picture is the original galley. The 2nd picture shows the stove and dishwasher after completion of the project.


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