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Warranty Tips

Here is some information that could potentially save you some BIG MONEY.

The Freightliner warranty plan provides complete chassis coverage for 3 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) for all 2001-model Freightliner motorhome chassis (those chassis built after May 1, 2000). Freightliner chassis owners can confirm the model year of their vehicle by locating the vehicle identification number (VIN) label in the driver's area. All 2001 model year VINs have a number 1 as the 10th digit from the left or in the number 10 position. For example, 4UZA_ _ _ _ _ 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

In addition, effective Nov. 1, 2000 Freightliner has eliminated the deductible for all pre-2001 model motorhome chassis with warranties still in effect.

Freighliner provides one of the most comprehensive chassis warranty plans in the industry.

However, you will still need to make note of any remaining problems with your chassis when you approach the end of your Freightliner warranty (just like you would for any warranty). That is, if you are having a problem near the end of your warranty, you need to call Freightliner and have them make a note of your problem in their system, especially if you will be unable to take it in for service before the warranty expires.

If your motorhome was ORDERED prior to March 15, 1998, you have 150,000 miles/7 year coverage. If you ordered our coach AFTER March 15, 1998, you have a 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty on your ISB engine. However, note that Cummins warranty info keys on the delivery date of your motorhome. So, if you ordered your coach prior to 3/15/98, but did not take delivery until after 3/15/98, the warranty period that is in Cummins computer is most likely 100,000 miles/5 years. If this applies to you, it is easy to get your coverage changed to 150,000miles/7 years if you can prove that you ordered your motorhome prior to 3/15/98. Call Cummins, give them your serial number so they can verify your coverage and then fax them the documentation if necessary at 800-232-6393.

ALSO, be aware that the ISB engine is only warrantied for 1 year in NON-RV applications. When your service center calls in to Cummins to verify warranty coverage, be sure they tell Cummins that the ISB engine is in an RV. Nothing worse than being erroneously told that your $12,000 repair bill is not covered by warranty!!

Also, note that your Jacobs Exhaust Brake is covered under the CUMMINS warranty.

Fleetwood is very good about covering their warranty issues, even working with customers to provide coverage on some items after their one-year warranty. They are a very customer-focused company, which is one reason why they are the largest manufacturer of RV's in the world.

Here are some VERY ESSENTIAL tips to help you with your Fleetwood warranty:

  1. If you have any problems at all, call the Fleetwood toll-free customer assistance number on all potential warranty items. Do this even if you have made an appointment with your dealer to have a warranty-issue fixed. It is very important that all possible warranty items be documented in their computer.
  2. Make sure that everything you ask for is documented on the repair order, even if it is determined to be another vendor's responsibility. As an example, I was having problems with my right turn signal cancelling prematurely. I called this to the attention to my Fleetwood dealer who said it was Freightliner's responsibility. The Fleetwood dealer DID NOT write this item on the repair order. At my next maintenance trip to Freightliner, I was advised that this was NOT a Freightliner problem and that I should take it back to Fleetwood. Since Freightliner did not do any work, I did not have any documentation again on this problem. You guessed it - by now a year had passed and Fleetwood advised that I was out of warranty. However, Fleetwood did eventually agree to take care of this problem, but I had a lot of explaining to do. If this had been documented in Fleetwood's computer, I would not have had a problem.
  3. Sometimes, due to time constraints, we ask that a problem be "put in the computer" for future reference when we have time to get something fixed that is covered by warranty. First, make absolutely sure that your dealer follows through and gets Fleetwood (or Freightliner or whoever) to get it noted in their system. THEN - make sure that they note this somewhere on your repair order so that you have written proof of your request.
  4. Even though the problem may have been noted in Fleetwood's computer, BE ADVISED that Fleetwood will only honor this for a maximum of 6 MONTHS. It would certainly be nice if they tell you this (they don't). Other vendors may have time limits also, so be sure to ask!
  5. Make sure that the repair is completed to your satisfaction BEFORE you leave the repair facility. If it is not satisfactory, have this noted on the repair order. Also, document any other problems that may have arisen as a result of the attempted repair.

Last, you also should be aware that many components are covered by the OEM long after the Fleetwood 1 year warranty expires. Starting in 1999, most Dometic products are warranteed for three years. Thetford warranties their toilets for two years and is very liberal with their warranty. These are just two examples. In these cases where individual components are warranteed beyond one year, you may be better off calling the component vendor yourself, especially since some of them have very liberal warranty policies.


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