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Water Pump Tips

Most D's are equipped with a Shurflo water pump. These are high-quality pumps that should provide many years of service. Here are some tips to review if you are having problems.

First, my D did not come with the optional strainer on the input side of the water pump. It is very important that you install a strainer as your Shurflo warranty is not valid if the pump is damaged by any foreign material. (More on this later).

Second, it is a good idea to install an accumulator tank. The purpose of the accumulator tank is to store pressurized water so that the pump does not cycle on and off nearly as much. You can buy an accumulator tank at Camping World, but you can save yourself some $$ by going to your local hardware store and buying one there.

Are you having problems with your water pump mysteriously coming on for no apparent reason? After you have confirmed that you had no leaks, the solution is probably below:

  1. First, make sure that you have not lost the air pocket in your hot water heater. Turn off the water pump and open a hot water faucet. Now, BEING EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO GET BURNED, go outside to your water heater and open the pressure relief valve until all water stops flowing out. Then, go back inside, turn off the hot water faucet and turn the pump back on.
  2. If this did not solve your water pump problem, then you probably have a pressure leak at the water pressure switch. This leak may likely be caused by small grit that got there because there is not a strainer on the input to the pump. Although it is possible to remove the pressure switch (do this in a confined area as there is a spring and check valve that may pop out!) and successfully reassemble, you may damage the diaphragm which would really be bad news as now you have a bigger problem - NO WATER! So, before you attempt this, purchase a Check Valve Repair kit. The part number for mine is 94-237-00 and is available at most Camping World stores. You can also order it directly from Shurflo by calling 877-917-1199.

Note that Shurflo attends most larger RV Rallies and will rebuild your Shurflo pump for free.


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