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Water Pressure Regulator and Whole Coach Water Filter Installation

Because of continuing concerns about water quality and flow, we have made a few modifications to our coach. We purchased a Watts water pressure regulator with 3/4 inch fittings. The range of pressures was 25-75 psi. We also purchased a water filter kit to complete the installation.

Select the location for the filter and regulator. In our coach the location was right in front of the water control panel. This permitted locating the Watts regulator above the filter.

Mount the filter bracket in the selected location. You may have to drill holes in the panel. Be sure you don't hit anything behind the panel.

Attach the filter body to the installed bracket.

Attach the regulator to the filter bracket, then attach a short hose to the regulator inlet. To make connecting to city water as simple as possible, we connected a quick connect from Walmart to the inlet and the coach water hose.

Attach a short hose from the regulator output to the filter inlet.

Attach a short hose from the outlet of the filter to the coach inlet.

Attach the system to city water and check for, then repair any leaks.

This system has provided "safe" water to the entire coach, and with the Watts regulator, we have excellent flow comparable to our home for showering etc.


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