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Relocate Fuel / Water Seperator - CAT Engines

The original location of the fuel water separator on the '04 has three problems. It is too low and in order to drain, the fluid flows onto the hitch and is difficult to catch, and makes a terrible mess. The location is such that actually seeing into the sight bowl is difficult and the bright yellow filter is also unsightly, being fully visible from the back of the coach. Moving to the right side rear compartment is a huge improvement, getting it out of sight, making viewing the sight bowl quite easy, and making draining into a container a snap.

The hoses are long enough so all you have to do is unbolt the bracket and move it to the side compartment, and bolting, welding or clamping it to the triangular shaped frame, just below the propane filler station. I chose to simply cut off the bottom 4 or 5 inches of the bracket, drilling a few holes and using large bolts I clamped it over the diagonal and horizontal frame members. Welding has its dangers because of potential damage to the computer and the proximity to the propane fill. Keeping the assembly as high as possible helps to avoid the sight bowl from rock damage. The result is an out of sight fuel water separator and much easier draining whenever necessary.

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Submitted by Jack Myton


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