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Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Finding a replacement wiper blade for the D is a bit of a problem. This is due to the uncommom length of the blade, and also that an adapter is required if you want to replace the entire assembly. This article will explore wiper blade alternatives.

The cheapest alternative for replacing a worn blade is just that - replace the worn blade with an insert. If you can't find the right size, just get a longer blade and then cut to size.

However, you may want to replace the entire wiper assembly with a more heavy-duty wiper blade. One oft he best alternatives is the Trico Heavy Duty Blade (Tricor part # 67-261). You will also need their "Twin Screw Adaptor" (Tricor part # B98999-146) to fit the arm on the D and most any Fleetwood product. The blades are widely available at almost any auto parts store. However, the adapters are VERY hard to find. However, Camping World carries both the blades and the adapters. The Camping World part # for the wiper blades is 14827 and the part # for the adapter is 15203. The wiper blades are about $33 each and the adapters are about $6 for a pair (less President's Club discount if you are a member). This is somewhat of an expensive solution, but these are really heavy-duty wiper blades. You may be able to find the blades cheaper at an auto discout store, but be sure you pick up the adapters the next time you are near a Camping World store.


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