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Installing a Wireless Weather Station

For two years there has been a wall light in the coach that we have never been turned on. It sits between the dinette, which has its own light, and the Euro chair area which has two lights, one above each of the Euro chairs.

Given its awkward position, it is no surprise that it has never been used.

We thought about what might work better in that location and decided to go with a La Crosse 308-1414W Wireless Color Forecast Station.

The first concern was that in order to conserve the internal AAA battery power, it would need to be ‘touched’ every time we wanted to see the screen – unless we used an A/C adapter.

However, using the A/C adapter meant a wire dangling down and running to the outlet under the overhead cabinet. Not very elegant.

Wait a minute. If we put the Weather Station where the wall sconce would be removed, we have the sconce’s 12 volt source at that location. Great! Except the Weather Station needs 5 volts and 12 volts might burn out the unit. The answer came in the form of a tiny converter to step the 12 volts down to a regulated 5 volts (Dc Dc Buck Converter Step Down 8-22v 12v to 5v 3a Dc 3.5mm Power Adapter with 3m Cable from Amazon).

This unit has the correct adapter plug size and will fit inside the wall behind the Weather Station.

We mounted the outside wireless sensor in the basement propane bay.

For us, this is a much more practical use of that space.

La Crosse Technology 308-1414W Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station with Alerts, White

Dc Dc Buck Converter Step Down 8-22v 12v to 5v 3a Dc 3.5mm Power Adapter with 3m Cable


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