The DOAI Hotspot is a WiFi (802.11b) connection for internet and email access that you can use for free at selected DOAI rallies and also on the road wherever you see Bob Cook in his 1998 burgundy Discovery 36T. (Look for a big satellite dish on the roof and a DOAI sticker on the windshield). All you need is a computer with a WiFi card (802.11b or 802.11g). At most rallies, the hotspot will run in unsecured mode which means that all you have to do is turn you computer on and connect to the Discovery beacon. If I am not at a rally but you see me in a campground, just come on over with your WiFi MAC address and I will get you connected immediately. Due to the somewhat limited range, if you can't connect from the comfort of your D, either come on in for a cup of coffee or use your laptop outside on the picnic table. As always, if you are having problems, I will be glad to help.


Click Here to find a WIFI Hotspot near you. You can specify a radius from your address or zip code for free or pay WIFI hotspots. (Due to the rapid growth of hotspots, this list is certainly no all-inclusive.)