If you have a Coleman Zone Control thermostat and it has a "00" on the display, Coleman's recommendation is to pull the fuse and leaving it out for a full five minutes and that's probably all you need to do. If that doesn't reset it, it can be re-programmed as follows:

Zone Control programming RVP #8330-3351 Zone Control Thermostat Programming Instructions

  1. Prior to thermostat programming make sure all upper units, ceiling assemblies and control boxed are installed correctly and 12 volt power is on.
  2. Place the thermostat slide switch in the "off" position.
  3. Remove thermostat cover.
  4. Put the thermostat in the programming mode by holding down simultaneously the up and down push buttons that are located to the right of the display window. Hold down the two push buttons until programming options start flashing (usually about 5 seconds).
  5. Press the zone button until zone 1 is displayed on the display window.
  6. Press the mode button until the correct setup is shown for that zone. Be sure to toggle through one complete cycle until the desired options for that zone appear. Once the correct setup is selected for zone 1, press the zone button and repeat the process for each additional zone that is connected to the thermostat.
  7. After the correct setting are selected for each zone, move the slide switch momentarily to either heat or cool to save the selected options, then return the slide switch to the off position.
  8. This will exit the programming mode and store the settings indefinitely.
  9. Replace the thermostat cover.

Click Coleman Thermostat Manual

Thanks to Gary Osburn and Mel Price