Did you lose your local channels on your satellite? As of December 27, 2001, the FCC has ordered that "local" channels will only be available within approx 150 miles from the local area.   As an example, if you have subscribed to the local St Louis, MO, channels, you would not be able to receive these channels once you are more than approx 150 miles from St Louis.   This is accomplished by using spot-beam technology on the satellites.

As of 12/27/01, DirecTV has complied with this order.   However, DISH has filed suit against this, has not (as of yet) affected DISH subscribers.

As an RV'er, your only other option is to subscribe to the east (NY) and/or west coast (LA) network feeds as this will allow you to continue to receive network programming.   Of couse, if you rarely travel more than 150 miles from your homebase, you can continue with your local channels.