Information presented here is taken from the August, 2001 edition of Freightliner's "KNOWING YOUR CHASSIS".   Note that some of the information presented here does not apply to the Freightliner XC chassis.

Greasing your chassis yourself is pretty easy.   However, follow good safety procedures.   If you use your hydraulic jacks to raise your coach so you can crawl under it, be sure that you use jackstands of sufficient size, just in case the jacks come down unexpectedly.   Also, if the rear wheels are off the ground, there is nothing keeping your coach from rolling away.   At the Freightliner seminars, Freightliner has stated that most owners tend to "overlube" their chassis - pumping in too much grease.   Be especially careful with the Slack Adjusters as you do not want to get grease on your brakes!

If you have someone else lube your chassis, you may want to take a copy of all these grease points with you as they will certainly miss some lube points otherwise.

Here is a pictorial that will help you find the grease zerk fittings with the table below: NOTE - The D does not have Independent Front Suspension (IFS), so you need to ignore these zerk fittings.

Grease pictorial

1Steering GearOne grease fitting1
2Steering ShaftThree grease fittings; Lube both universal joints and slip spline3
3Drag Link & Bell CrankTwo grease fittings per drag link; one on each end and one on
bell crank housing5
4Knuckle pinsTwo grease fittings; one on top & one on bottom of knuckle pin
Lube both sides of axle.4
5Automatic Slack AdjustersOne grease fitting; lube both sides of front and rear axle4
6Not PertinentOur chassis has oil lubricated wheel bearings
7Brake Camshaft BracketOne grease fitting; pump in grease until it appears at the slack
adjuster end of the bracket.  Lube both sides of front & rear axle4
8Tie rodOne grease fitting; one on each end of tie rod2
9Rear AxleCheck fluid level / change when required
10DriveshaftThree grease fittings; lube both universal joints and the slip joint
11Automatic TransmissionChange Fluid when required
12IFSWe do not have an Independent Front Suspension
13Caterpillar Fan DriveOne grease fitting; on top of fan drive pulley1