Every so often (unfortunately, too often), I hear of someone who has been charged rather exorborant costs to have something fixed or just routine maintenance done to their D.   As I try to do most of the maintenance myself, I have gathered the information below from several other members, with most of the information coming from Leo Everitt.   Take into account that the Freightliner facility in Gaffney, SC has (comparatively) low maintenance rates.

If anyone else has any costs to post, please send them to the webmaster.   Note that the costs below are for the Cummins 275 ISB.

Serpentine Belt - $38.10
A/C Belt - $8.12
Oil Filter - $7.68
Fuel Filter (Engine Mount) - $8.42
Fuel Filter (External Mount) - $10.91
Midland Air Dryer Kit - $76.72
Air Filter (Engine) - $55.00

Allison Transmission Fluid change, including filter - $214.01 - $221.03
Change Engine oil and filter - $116.88
2 year / 24,000 mile service at Gaffney: $352.42 (Labor $182, 30 Qts coolant $33.60, 16 pints rear axle lube $12, air cleaner $55.00, air dryer filter $102.82)
Labor to service air compressor dryer - 2 hours (labor rates $30 - $55/hour)