While in Arkansas we came across a D with a painted truck bedliner front mask.

We chose to try to apply the bedliner ourselves. We also covered the back bumper after repairing damage caused by someone in a parking lot. Materials Used:

  • 2 qt. Dupli-Color Bedliner
  • 1 application kit
  • 1 palm sander with 180 grit paper
  • Acetone rubber gloves rags
The approximate cost was $45.00.


First, wash the front of the D sand the entire lower area using 180 grit sand paper on a palm sander. Wipe the area with a clean cloth and wipe again with Acetone (CAUTION wear gloves and try not to breath the vapors from Acetone). Tape off the edges of the area you don't want to paint. Using a paint brush, apply the bedliner around the edges making sure the edge isn't smooth. Apply the bedliner onto the entire area to be covered using the supplied textured roller. The first coat doesn't cover very well but that's not important. Let sit for about 1 hour then add an additional coat . NOTE: This coat should be applied a bit thicker. When the bedliner is completely dry, remove the tape and clean up any unwanted material using Acetone.

Total time to do both the front mask and the back bumper was 3 hours.

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-Submitted by Jim and Lynda Fox (foxbatonrg@earthlink.net)