While on a recent trip, our Power Gear Leveling Jacks quit working on our 1998 36T. When we arrived home, I started to diagnose the problem. I checked all the trouble shooting tips in the Power Gear manual and determined the problem was the electric motor. Before removing anything I got on the Internet and went to the Power Gear web site. Eventually, I found a DOAI tip by Lyn Garland. I followed Lyn's directions, and removed the motor. I finally found a shop that could help me identify the motor, since the name plate was completely unreadable, and most auto supply shops couldn't help me.. The original motor is a Prestolite. The armature in my motor was completely destroyed, and a new motor was required. The replacement motor number is 430-20012 12v ccw (counterclockwise rotation). This model is a heavier duty replacement than the original, cost ($175.00), considerably cheaper than the cost of the Power Gear alternative. Installation was simple, in that the only change from the original was to add a 6 inch battery cable from the solenoid to the motor. The original had a copper strap, and it was too short to reach the solenoid location on the new motor. I would recommend P&R Electric, Inc here in Baton Rouge, LA, and thank Marshall for helping me find this solution. Submitted by Jim Fox