This is not meant to be a definitive listing of what spares and accessories to carry on your D.   This will obviously vary from one individual to the next.   This listing is meant to assist new owners - and maybe some veteran D owners also.   So, FWIW, here goes.   If you would like to add something please contact the webmaster.   Level 1 spares are highest priority.


  • Oil and fuel filter(s) for the ISB.   Some D's have only one fuel (water seperator) filter and others have two.
  • A few extra quarts of engine oil, coolant, gear oil for the front hubs which tend to need to be topped off after the hub oil is changed.
  • Serpentine belt.
  • A kit to repair a broken heater hose.
  • Fuel prime procedure.   Click here.
  • Air Brake check procedure.   Click Here.
  • Basic English and Metric socket set.
  • High quality tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressures before EVERY trip.
  • Electrical tester and 30 amp adapter to check the campground power pedastal for proper polarity and ground.
  • Water pressure regulator.
  • Spare Tire.   Many members report that it is virtually impossible to find a correct replacement tire for the D, so this is why I have added it to the Level 1 list.   If you have Alcoa wheels, do not mount the tire, just carry an unmounted spare.   A mounted spare is fine if you have steel wheels.
  • Socket to fit your wheel's lugnuts.
  • Assortment of 12v fuses.
  • Emergency Road Service!
  • Spare bulbs (tail light, headlight, clearance lights, interior lights),


  • Coupler to bypass your compressor filter.   Click here for more info.
  • Spare gas pressure regulator.   Most of us would be lost if we could not use our LP!
  • More complete tool kit.
  • Spare engine air filter, especially if you travel on dirt or dusty roads.
  • A good volt-ohm meter.   Get one that can read to at least 0.01 volts.
  • A pair of inexpensive FRS radios are invaluable, especially for backing the D.
  • Basic pop-rivet tool and assorted rivets.

      Of course, there are many other things that we would not leave home without....such as a good campground guide and maps!