Always seems to be something. On our recent trip we used the machine to wash some socks and underwear and it worked great. Clothes came out nice and hot and since we used the express cycle it didn't take that long.

A few days later we started to do another load and NOTHING. No lights, nothing. I checked the power at the plug and it was good so whatever the problem is it is in the machine. Carolyn did not want me to work on it while we were out so we just spent more money at the laundromat. I did some research on the net and found a post that referred to a burned wire on the built in 'surge protector' and I was hoping that was my problem.

When we got home, I pulled the facia off the cabinet, removed the hoses, built a platform the correct height, and slid the heavy beast out where I could get to it. Once I got access to it, I removed the two screws that hold the top on, removed it, and verified power at the end of the power chord. I could see what appeared to be a capacitor down at the bottom and removed the rear panel. About this time, I discovered the Splendide training manual which is Here in the Hints.

Anyway, it told me how to test EVERYTHING as well as how to access it.

I removed the circuit board and as soon as I did saw the problem. The lead going from the capacitor (surge protector) was indeed melted where it plugs into the circuit board. I tested it per the manuals directions and verified it was dead so I ordered a new one from Westland for about 50 bucks delivered.

The connector on the board as burned and brittle so I took it off. You could see where the copper trace had gotten hot enough to discolor inside the multilevel circuit board. The board seemed a bit soft so I added some epoxy to reinforce it. To make up for the missing connector, I made a couple short male-female stake on wires and marked one to match the correct color code on the surge protector. Plugged everything together and put stuff back in place and SURPRISE it seemed to work. At least the power light came on and the door lock/unlock process worked. So I put it back in the hole and screwed down the board at the front that holds it in place. Because I have winterized, I did not want to run a full cycle but am of the opinion that if the dryer cycle works, everything else will also. The dryer worked fine. Nice hot air coming out of the vent on the side of the coach.

I'm hoping this lasts a while because a new circuit board is about 400 bucks which would probably be more than we'd spend in the laundromat for a lot of years. If it dies again, Carolyn will probably get a new storage cabinet.
Here is a link to an album with the photos.

This wasn't that difficult a fix, especially with the training manual. I also discovered that part of the problem we have had with the unit is that the pointer on the dial isn't pointing where we think it is. It's about 1/8" off. It will probably work better now. :)

Submitted by: Kerry Pinkerton
'03 39L
Harvest, Al