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2000 36T for sale
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God bless in your next adventures!

Ben Thompson

2010 Discovery 40x

Freightliner XCM Chasis

Cummins ISB 6.7L 350 HP / Allison 3000

2022 Jeep Wrangler (JLU) Altitude

Home Base is Dripping Springs, TX

It's only been a week but I am anxious to move on with things so I sent the unit with the consigner this morning.

As much as I like keeping up with you all I know and accept the rules of the forum and will unsubscribe today.

I'd like to say that this group is the most friendly, knowledgeable and helpful that I have ever associated with.

I thank you every one for the years of camaraderie and helping hands.

Happy trails❤️

Ed Schmelzer

2000 36T

We, my lady friend an I were ready to head south to Yuma just after the 1st of the year when she shared with me that she was worried that I'm old and not the best driver now days. Heck, maybe she's right so the end of the story is that I am selling my rig.

The best part of the deal is that this rig has only 26,311 miles on it! Hard to believe but I checked it against the computer when I hooked up the VM Spc software and confirmed it. And I've meticulously maintained everything even though I have probably only driven it a couple thousand miles in the 6 years I've owned it.

If you've followed me on the forum you might recall that I converted to 50 Amp the right way, upgraded to a residential fridge, and recently changed out my front furnace to a new Suburban furnace. Replaced flooring with LVP in all but bedroom.

The not so good point is that it should have a new set of tires and there is a long standing stain on the ceiling in the bathroom. Some of the tires have significant weather checking and the newest that is from 2016. Amazingly the 2016 tires look great. The worst is on the driver's side rear is a 2011 model. Definitely ready for a new set. The stain was on the ceiling when I bought it and is positioned right to have come from the shower skylight. It's been caulked good since I have had it and I just don't look up at the stain.

There is a local guy that wants to consign the rig and he says he'll guarantee me $20,000. in my pocket and that would be easy but I really feel that I'm giving it away at that price.

I'd rather see someone from the forum have my cherry old rig so if anyone here wants a deal I'll take best offer as long as it's at least $20,000.

Note: Cleaning so ignore the cleaning supplies laying around in the photos.

Ed Schmelzer

2000 36T

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