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Preserve and perpetuate a spirit of friendship and wholesome fellowship among members.

Representation and Support

Provide group representation and support the RV interests of all members.

National Rally

DOAI holds a national rally each year, held at various locations around the United States. This is a fantastic weeklong event where you will meet other Discovery owners and have a chance to share in the fun and fellowship with a great group of RVers!

Technical Information

The DOAI is without a doubt very strong in helping our members understand and maintain their coaches. Every chapter rally usually includes technical sessions where owners can ask questions or discuss problems they may have with their coach. 

The yearly national rally in the fall and the Southeast Regional rally each winter in Florida, often referred to as “Camp Discovery”, feature many hours of Discovery-specific technical seminars, presented by experts, to help you get to know more about your “D” and how to best use it.

The Hints & Tips and the Technical Forums on this website, which are only fully accessible as a member, provide probably the greatest knowledge base of information for all aspects of Discovery motorhomes. And in a pinch you will always find someone willing to help you with your technical questions or problems in the very active member forum!

Local Chapters

Local DOAI chapters across the U. S. and Canada, each offering campouts throughout the year. All are generally more informal and are open to all Discovery owners. 

Local chapters offer Discovery owners more opportunities to enjoy what DOAI has to offer.

Quarterly Newsletter

DOAI produces Discover Express, the best quarterly on-line newsletter of similar organizations. Discovery Express provides important technical help, keeps members informed of past, current, and information on future activities for both National and Chapters.

Discovery Friends

Travelling in our D’s…what a wonderful feeling of freedom to go whenever and wherever we please. But, sometimes we need help with a mechanical problem, sometimes we need info about a new area, sometimes we just need…a friend.

Discovery Friends consists of DOAI members who have volunteered to help fellow Discovery owners in one or more of many ways. Some members have a great shop and the mechanical abilities to help with your problem, some have a space to share for overnight parking, some can provide valuable local information or transportation, some just welcome fellow DOAI owner’s visit. 

ClubExpress Use Benefits

We continue to hone the content and uses provided by our presence on ClubExpress. It provides us with numerous communication channels and searchable technical information. Member-to-member contact is outstanding.