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Looking for a Tow Bar and braking system for the T...
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I believe if I knew what I know now, I'd have kept my Ready Brake. It's a surge system that now includes the tow bar. Works perfectly and is proportional. Basically, as the coach slows, a spring is compressed which pulls a wire cable which is connected to the brake pedal. Idiot proof, no power required which solves the problem I have constantly had with my Brake Buddy's draining my batteries in spite of a charge circuit. The installation is easy. When my Buddy dies, I'll go back to a Ready Brake like this.

My previous coaches were GMC Motorhomes and Ready Brakes were about all you saw.

My 2 cents.

Kerry Pinkerton Huntsville AL

'06 39LK Cat C7

'15 EdgeToad

Got a gap in your floor when your slide is out. You need NoGap! pinkertonk at 256-679-4488

Updating the thread, I am still looking for a system if any of you that are selling your coach have one to offer let me know.



2000 D 37V-Cummins 275 ISB 5.9L-XC Chassis

Heart of Dixie with my pal Beaucephus (Beau) Beauregard

Thanks for all the replies, but if anyone is selling their system I am an interested party!

Al, I did not know what the tow weight is for the coach but thanks for letting me know, it really is an important part of towing anything. The real weight of the FJ62 is around 4250 pounds, but I could easily pack 500-600 pounds of "Stuff" in it. I really need to do what Bruce did with his so I can bring the MC along too.



2000 D 37V-Cummins 275 ISB 5.9L-XC Chassis

Heart of Dixie with my pal Beaucephus (Beau) Beauregard

I have the Blue Ox system for about 5 years now and like it as well. As the others are, easy tto put and take off. I also have the Air Force One braking system.

Drs. William & Carol Biddington

2019 Discovery LXE44B

450 Cummins

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Clay- I assume you are aware that the tow hitch on the 2000 model is only rated at 5000 lbs? This apparently also has to do with the frame extension for the hitch. Although I'm sure it can handle more it could become a liability issue in case of an accident.

Al dH

99 34Q Cummins ISB 5.9

Currently in Yuma

I like my Demco setup but I've never used anything else. I use the Excali-Bar 3 tow bar that has a 10,500 pound tow rating. The Air Force one brake system is easy to hook up and needs no adjusting. I also had the Demco battery charge system installed and don't have any problems with the battery going down. I went with a Curt wiring kit because demco didn't have a plug and play kit and I didn't want my wiring hacked into. My wife's cousin uses a blue ox set up and it seems to be a pain to put the braking system in the floor and hook up.

When we bought the Jeep and got ready to tow I decided I wanted the Demco tow products but the Jeep was a new design and Demco didn't have a base plate for it. They told me if I would let them have the Jeep for a few days they would engineer a base plate and install it at no charge for the base plate. We took the motorhome and Jeep to northern Iowa and had everything installed. Since then we've pulled it to Washington state, down the coast to California, back across to Missouri, northern Indiana, then Texas, Florida, and we're in Missouri with Mom now. No problems in those miles with any of the system.

Demco also gave me a discount on anything else that I wanted at the same time. They seemed like a pretty good bunch of people to work with.

Max and Lea

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Cummins L9 uprated by Cummins Omaha to 450 HP, 1250 Lbs/Ft

2023 Jeep G.C. Overland, Demco tow system with Air Force one braking.

Livingston, TX based - Full timing

I have found that this is one of those Ford vs. Chevy discussions. I like my Roadmaster setup and have been using it for 19+ years. I'm on my second Sterling All Terrain towbar - a factory refurbished unit that was good deal less expensive. I've installed the Roadmaster base plates myself on two dinghys... not hard once you work up the courage to disassemble the front end of a brand nbew car you took delivery of the day before.

Doug & Paula Poad - Brevard, NC

CDR(SS), SC, USN (Ret.)

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As I prepare for retirement I am looking for a tow bar and braking system for my 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser, weighs in at nearly 6000 pounds so the bar needs to be able to handle 8000 pounds or higher (the toad will also haul stuff!). I've been looking at Blue Ox and Roadmaster along with the different braking systems,



2000 D 37V-Cummins 275 ISB 5.9L-XC Chassis

Heart of Dixie with my pal Beaucephus (Beau) Beauregard

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