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Actively Looking for 40G!
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Hi Nicholas,

Still interested in a 40G? Ours is listed and we’d be happy to talk to you!

She’s ready to roll and would love to be on the go… We hate to let her go but want her to be in use. West Chester, PA

Kathy Burke-Howe (Mrs. Ted Howe)

2014 Discovery 40G “Arvy 2 Electric Boogaloo”

Towing 2007 Honda Element "Towster"

FMCA: 44144D

Hi, Nicholas.

Sadly, Kathy and I are going to be selling our 2014 40G. We haven't listed it yet as we have to get it back from the body shop (repairing some compartment doors) and get it ready/take photos, but we will hopefully have it on the market in the next few weeks.

We bought the coach in January 2023 with plans to work from the road but due to job changes (for both of us) we can't follow through on those plans.

The issue with our coach is that currently, the bunkhouse is configured as an office space. It can be converted back, but that would be some work to do/have done. I still have the parts and mattress for the upper bunk but the previous owners had removed the lower bunk years before we bought it.

Otherwise it is in very good condition. 40k miles on the engine, fewer than 300 hours on the generator. Upgraded lithium house batteries. Upgraded in-dash stereo. Definitely would love to see her go to another DOAI member.

As I said, we don't have current pics yet, but here is a photo we took at LazyDays last January when we were picking her out.

2014 40G

2007 Honda Element toad

West Chester, PA

Hello, My family of 4 is looking for a used 40G (or other model with bunks, preferably!). Does anyone here have one they are considering selling or know of any? We recently had a very unfortunate flight across the country to buy a 40G in the Atlanta area that we discussed with the sellers extensively and boy were we surprised when we showed up. Soo many red flags. Ended up driving back through the night. Live and learn, I guess!

Thanks in Advance.

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