Midwest Discoverers Chapter is blessed with members that volunteer to Host the Chapter’s Rally’s in areas of the country that they have found interesting and delightful. The desire is to share those things that are most delightful and interesting with their friends in the Midwest Chapter. Normally, there are two (2) Midwest Chapter Rally’s each year, one in June and the other in the month of September, both hosted by Chapter members. Check back often to learn the details of the Rally agendas as they come together. Registration and attendance is open to all DOAI member and friends of the Midwest Chapter members. The detail agendas of past Rally’s are available at the end of this section so that a visitor might see the exciting things this Chapter does during a Rally. You might note that there are activities planned for those who might have limits on walking or other physical requirements. Our Hosts are fully aware that some Chapter members are limited in their ability to walk or hike long distances and plan Rally activities with this in mind. The goal of all Midwest Discoverers Rally’s is for all attendees to an exciting and enjoyable experience.

SEPTEMBER 23 – 30, 2018

Lake Junaluska, North Carolina
Hosts: John & Mary Ann Hooper
Rally Agenda
Rally Registration Form
The Great Smoky Mountains will be putting on their Fall colors during the Rally. Mountain lore, food, music, entertainment, and picturesque scenery will make this Rally memorable. There is a beautiful Chapel at Lake Junaluska dedicated to the men and women that served in the Military during World War II. There are two mysteries in the Chapel. One of the activities during the Rally is for Attendees to learn something not know for the past 65 years about one of those mysteries.


A Spring Rally is tentatively planned in Ohio, but exact dates and location have not yet been determined. The rally will be hosted by Les and Valarie Whipple. More information will be posted here when available.

June 2018 Ohio Amish Area
June 2017 Philadelphia Rally

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